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New PM 12022 loader including pipe kits for grab and rotate

New PM 12022 loader including pipe kits for grab and rotate £15300.00 + VAT

Installation and stand up controls can be provided.

PM 65026 UK Stock

PM 65026 UK Stock PM 65 Call for Pricing

The PM 65 is now a benchmark product in the heavy lift industry, this crane can be fitted to a 32 tonne GVW rigid chassis giving up to 12tonne payload or a 26tonne GVW tractor unit giving up to 6 tonne on the fifth wheel, if you have a fleet of lorry cranes ranging from 20 to 50 t/m this crane can easily fit into the fleet giving a completely new angle to your working capabilities. As our customers have found this then generates additional work for the entire fleet, alternatively if you just require a good all round crane for heavy lifting this is now our bestselling crane, we have sold 43 into the UK market place since its launch in 2006.

The design is unrivalled offering many features which can only be found on the Pm 65.

  • Twin linkage system to maintain constant load moment
  • 180 degree hydraulic swing up legs with `tilt and lock system`, no pins need to be removed and repositioned.
  • Extra wide 8700mm stabilizer legs with integrated hoses.
  • Continuous slewing.
  • Twin slew motors with 65kNm of torque, working heel of 8.7 degrees, ideal for working on a slight gradient.
  • Oil cooler built into column eliminating any costly collisions with the load.
  • PM Powertronic electronic management system
  • Pilot operated check valves fitted to each lifting cylinder
  • 200 litre hydraulic oil tank integrated into crane base.
  • Danfoss proportional valve with Scanreco H modules on Radio Remote Control for millimetre control precision.
  • Crane self weight 6580kg
  • Proportional stabilizer interlock type 5 fitted to EN 12999 A3. (optional)
  • Maximum hydraulic outreach 15.50m

Lifting capacities

9180 kg   @  6.00m
6960 kg   @  7.70m
5500 kg   @  9.50m
4530 kg   @  11.30m
3800 kg   @  13.30m
3270 kg   @  15.30m

The PM 65 is now in stock please call for our special offer price for 2011.

PM 4522

PM 4522 Call for Pricing

The PM 4522 has become a very popular crane since the recent cut backs due to customers reducing costs and not using vehicles which are over spec`d for the job, we have seen an increase in the amount of 7.5 tonne trucks been built. This crane is one of the lightest in its class for what it will lift; it can be installed on virtually any 7.5 tonne truck and give a 3 tonne payload.

  • Self weight 570 kg
  • 2 x hydraulic extensions

Lifting capacities

1080kg @ 3.85m
800kg @ 4.90m
600kg @ 6.30m

The PM 4521 is now in stock please call for our special offer price for 2011.