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The Lorry Loader Concept.

The lorry loader concept has grown and changed dramatically since the first Hiab lorry cranes were imported into the UK in 1967. In 1966 Ernie Wertheim, the sales director for George Cohan Machinery (part of the 600 group) saw a Hiab loader crane in a Swedish magazine and approached his board with the view to filling a gap in the UK market. The board declined saying it was not a good idea and nobody would sacrifice 1 tonne in payload for a concept such as this.

After a prolonged battle with his board members Ernie was given permission to buy the first Hiab loader crane and bring it to the UK.

The Hiab 173.

The Hiab 173, approx 3t/m, built in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and was a round wood timber crane and was specially adapted for the truck market. It had legs, slew, and a main lift hydraulic function, a manual canter-lever jib function and manual extension, the ram seals were made from leather.

In 1971 the 174 approx 4t/m was launched, then this product was superseded in 1973 by a crane some of us may know; the fully hydraulic Hiab 550.

Joseph Jones

At this time Joe Jones joined the group and started his career selling loader cranes. Joe believed this was a product most truck operators could benefit from. Joe says β€œat that time Hiab had 90% of the UK market.”

With the fast growth of the haulage industry Joe would end up selling in excess of 100 cranes per year in the Yorkshire area. The market changed and Joe progressed to Field Sales Manager of Atlas cranes, he is still selling lorry loader cranes to this day.

The lorry crane market has now become increasingly competitive with a reliable and comprehensive range available.

Truck Hydraulics Ltd

Truck Hydraulics Ltd was established in 1998 by Kristian Jones, assisted by his father and co director Joe Jones. The company has a wealth of knowledge dating back to almost when the first loader cranes became in the UK.

10 years later

In 2008 Truck Hydraulics Ltd expanded to our new custom built facility located at junction 6 of the M18 Doncaster. This was researched and project managed by our Managing Director Kristian Jones.

The project was started in December 2007 and led into times of the major economic downturn. It was a difficult time Kristian believed the industry drastically needed a state of the art facility like the one in the offering. The project was completed on the 4th November 2008. Eleven months later Truck Hydraulics Ltd was situated in our new depot and open for business.

Truck Hydraulics Ltd have managed to reduce non productive labour times to zero as well as increasing build time by up to 20%; enabling us to pass this saving onto our customers. From this we have managed to keep a cheaper hourly rate than most competitors. The main benefit that prompted the expansion was that we could provide a one stop shop to our customers, delivering all of our services under one roof coupled with being able to offer an unrivalled level of engineering.

2-100 Tonne/metre

We pride ourselves in being the largest importer of PM cranes in the UK, covering the North of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. We have a range of knuckle boom cranes ranging from 2 – 100 T/M. This, combined with our `design and manufacture` service, means we provide a personalised service with both innovative and traditional solutions.

Truck Hydraulics Ltd can build and attach any product to your new or used truck, or even provide a complete new truck built entirely to your specification on site in our one stop shop.

We offer a wide range of bespoke truck bodies including; Plant Bodies, Heavy Duty Flats, Brick Loaders, Alloy drop sides and various Tipper applications. All of these products are designed and manufactured in house to the highest standards of quality control.