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Crane Accessories

Danfoss Modules

Danfoss Modules
Available New and Used

PM Filters

Genuine PM Filters
All sizes available

Batteries Battery Chargers

7.2 Volt Batteries & Chargers
Scanreco Type 590 Battery P.O.A
Scanreco Battery Charger P.O.A
Scanreco Type 592 Batteries
Available On Special Order

Stabiliser Pads

Stabiliser Pads
40×40×4cm up to 18.5 tonne P.O.A
50×50×6cm up to 50 tonne P.O.A 
60×60×6cm up to 70 tonne P.O.A

Radio Remotes

Radio Remotes
4 to 8 Function
Supply only P.O.A
Supply & fit P.O.A


Bearing Hooks - Supplied with
Test Certificates

5.4 Tonne Bearing Hook P.O.A
8.0 Tonne Bearing Hook P.O.A
11.5 Tonne Bearing Hook P.O.A
16.00 Tonne Bearing Hook P.O.A